Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teaching by teaching

The first couple of weeks have been great and we have gotten to know each other well. Everyone is doing such a great job. The enthusiasm in our class is top notch and I wish it were like that in other classes over the years.

Nick did a great teaching lesson facilitating how to properly jump rope. He had us out there jumping rope as an instant activity as people arrived to class. Then when everybody finally made it he called us in and gave us an in-depth demonstration and taught us the proper way to skip rope. Great job Nick!

The next couple of classes were dedicated to yoga. I was surprised how many people have done and were into yoga. I have directly and indirectly been exposed to yoga over the last four years (my fiancee is a yoga instructor at Cornell) and I truly enjoy it. It really helps me calm down and is extremely beneficial for my running. Ephrain and Rolando did a wonderful job for two guys that were probably going a little outside of their comfort zones. The class totally dug it! Way to step it up you two!

Most recently Melissa and Jason built a little bit on yoga. They offered some nice new techniques and poses. The warm-up was classic when Jason busted out some "Kung-Fu Fighting" moves. Your team rocked hard as well!

We're acquiring many helpful tools to teach and having fun at the same time. Learning to write effective lesson plans is on the short list...but who knows what Professor Yang has for us next! We shall see soon enough.........

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