Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lab C- China in Cortland (round 1)

I thought this was an interesting assignment meant to teach us more about physical activity in different cultures. It reminded me of a class I took a couple of semesters ago called "Play Across Cultures" where you learn not only about how the game is played but the symbolism and cultural diversity behind the particular activity.

I analyzed my verbal transcription of the lesson here. My lesson took 6 minutes and 25 seconds for the allotted 7 minute time frame and I was happy to have my wrist watch to periodically glance down at for reference...whew!...the time goes by so quickly!

I noticed that I said uh...or ummm 16 times in the lesson to fill in gaps of silence, etc. Maybe I learned it from watching President Barack Obama (I wish I could speak like him but he does use the Uhhhh a lot...;0) You can listen to me if you are so inclined HERE!

Let's review what I did:

  • Nice introduction, verbal and visual cues, Hook, general positive feedback, a few specific congruent feedback, pinpointing, checking for understanding, safety statement, challenge
What I forgot:
  • Intratask Variation, forgot to turn music off when explaining exercises, probably other things that I'm sure Professor Yang/assistants will help me remember!
Overall I felt much more comfortable in front of the class this time and things are starting to become much more fluid!

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