Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lab C- China in Cortland (round 1)

I thought this was an interesting assignment meant to teach us more about physical activity in different cultures. It reminded me of a class I took a couple of semesters ago called "Play Across Cultures" where you learn not only about how the game is played but the symbolism and cultural diversity behind the particular activity.

I analyzed my verbal transcription of the lesson here. My lesson took 6 minutes and 25 seconds for the allotted 7 minute time frame and I was happy to have my wrist watch to periodically glance down at for reference...whew!...the time goes by so quickly!

I noticed that I said uh...or ummm 16 times in the lesson to fill in gaps of silence, etc. Maybe I learned it from watching President Barack Obama (I wish I could speak like him but he does use the Uhhhh a lot...;0) You can listen to me if you are so inclined HERE!

Let's review what I did:

  • Nice introduction, verbal and visual cues, Hook, general positive feedback, a few specific congruent feedback, pinpointing, checking for understanding, safety statement, challenge
What I forgot:
  • Intratask Variation, forgot to turn music off when explaining exercises, probably other things that I'm sure Professor Yang/assistants will help me remember!
Overall I felt much more comfortable in front of the class this time and things are starting to become much more fluid!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leading Your Teammate with a Pass

I taught some skills still under the Ultimate Frisbee lesson in leading your teammate with a pass. This time I added a defender and about half way through the activity I told the class to pick up the intensity and go full speed simulating a live game. It was very helpful to be "miked" up in order to analyze the mp3 for further learning. I was happy with my lesson and thought I did well in terms of voice volume, enunciating, and clarity of the instruction. There are still some things I need to work on as I am walking around giving feedback. I really love incorporating technology into learning physical education!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shooting a Basketball---Round two

After learning some new teaching tactics I tried to incorporate some of them into showing my students the proper mechanics of shooting a basketball. Well, let's just say that this was another learning experience on my end. After watching and analyzing the video I was able to fill out a time coding form that broke down the different parts of my short lesson. I realized that the student's are probably pretty bored with me! I really need to spice it up a little and get them more active rather than talk, explain...blah blah blah. It really shows in my analysis that I need some work but, hey, that's what this is all about right?

On a positive note I did give some good cues from the get go but then I added some more and it was overkill. I guess I just need to keep it simple eh! ?

I checked for understanding and I gave positive specific congruent feedback.

It is really helpful to be able to learn from our mistakes via YouTube videos and MP3...we're getting there and like I said...this was another good learning experience!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teaching is Tough!

I am realizing that teaching is no walk in the park. It takes lots of organization, captive creativity, and efficiency to make the best use of your relatively short amount of time with students.

I stepped forward early last week and agreed to do a lesson on Friday refining the skill of running. I asked Matt to help me out and he enthusiastically agreed. Professor Yang had a great idea for an instant activity and I added a little bit to it and everyone seemed to love it. It was a poster board with pictures on it that the students had to figure out what it meant. I spaced answers around the gym and they had to perform different loco motor patterns to and from the corresponding areas. We had music on and everything was going great!

Then it was time to give some cues and instruction on how to improve mechanics and become a more efficient runner. Still I thought we gave some excellent cues, people seemed to be engaged, and I checked for understanding. OK...after reviewing the video...this is where I seemed to lose people. I gave a demo and may have talked a little too much and probably confused the initial "raise your gaze" cue by telling them to focus on the horizon. Then when it was time for everyone to run I forgot to give Matt the signal to turn on the music...darn!...for most people running is much more exciting to the sound of energetic music.

If I had to rate us out of 10 I would probably give us a 7 or so. We had a good instant activity, intro, cues...then it got a little iffy....kind of hit the wall (just like in running!)....but we closed pretty well. Great learning experience and we were able to get some constructive criticism from grad students, Professor Yang, and class mates.

I still need to get used to seeing and hearing myself on video...Is that me teaching???!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is! baby steps, baby steps............


After further review of the video from the first day of class I realize that I did not give specific feedback to the students that I taught. This is something that I also did (or did not do) when I taught a lesson on running Friday. I seem to give very general positive feedback like, "good job everyone", or "nice work guys" and while this is also a great habit to form it should be mixed with specific congruent remarks like, "way to keep your arm straight Ephrain". I will be ready to correct many of the mistakes I have made in future teaching opportunities.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

EDU 255 Verbal Transcription of Lab

Although it was a little tough to hear I was able to make out and remember most of what I taught on that first day of class. I can remember clearing my throat a few times because I think I do that when I am a little nervous. It brings back memories of public speaking class!

Also, it will be a lot different when talking to a group of young students. I will have to enunciate more and not run my words together so much. I noticed that I have a deep voice that was kind of monotone on the video. Making it exciting is another thing that I could improve.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teaching by teaching

The first couple of weeks have been great and we have gotten to know each other well. Everyone is doing such a great job. The enthusiasm in our class is top notch and I wish it were like that in other classes over the years.

Nick did a great teaching lesson facilitating how to properly jump rope. He had us out there jumping rope as an instant activity as people arrived to class. Then when everybody finally made it he called us in and gave us an in-depth demonstration and taught us the proper way to skip rope. Great job Nick!

The next couple of classes were dedicated to yoga. I was surprised how many people have done and were into yoga. I have directly and indirectly been exposed to yoga over the last four years (my fiancee is a yoga instructor at Cornell) and I truly enjoy it. It really helps me calm down and is extremely beneficial for my running. Ephrain and Rolando did a wonderful job for two guys that were probably going a little outside of their comfort zones. The class totally dug it! Way to step it up you two!

Most recently Melissa and Jason built a little bit on yoga. They offered some nice new techniques and poses. The warm-up was classic when Jason busted out some "Kung-Fu Fighting" moves. Your team rocked hard as well!

We're acquiring many helpful tools to teach and having fun at the same time. Learning to write effective lesson plans is on the short list...but who knows what Professor Yang has for us next! We shall see soon enough.........