Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reflection on teaching

When I was asked to go first for teaching some sort of skill using one of the four balls displayed I quickly went for my first love: basketball

I decided to teach the proper mechanics needed for shooting a basketball. In hindsight and after watching the video taken of me facilitating the skill I realized the first and biggest thing I need to work on: Volume-------------> I know the camera was somewhat far away from the group but I still need to speak and enunciate more emphatically especially in a gymnasium atmosphere where there will surely be other activities and noises.

Next...initially I did not have the students practice I guess because it was a little ambiguous of what was asked of us and that I was the first person to go.

I did come back at the end and tried to redeem myself but when I asked everyone to grab a basketball we realized that the other group was using the basketballs. I quickly told them that they could just use volleyballs or soccer balls.

All in all...a good exercise and great to see the video so we can look back on it later in the semester and in life! More will be revealed...

1 comment:

  1. Yassine,
    Thanks for going first. You did well to redeem and improvise! Bravo!