Monday, March 16, 2009

Lab C- China in Cortland (round two)

Ms. Fromm and I shared our class time again going over an instant activity to get the class warmed up and then elaborated more on The Eight Basic Exercises used in China.

I ran into a couple of obstacles from the beginning. First, we had some cards printed and laminated that expedited the instructions for the instant activity. I could not find them for the life of me and I had the students count off numbers in order to get into groups. It all worked out fine but it took up way more time than I would have if I had the cards. I learned again that I really just need to get the students into activity MUCH sooner!

I have noticed again that I need to keep things much more simple. The more complex a certain activity is the more I need to explain and then I start losing attention spans.

My time coding plan (CLICK HERE) displays the breakdown of management, waiting, instruction, and activity.

Another boo boo I made was going way over my allotted almost two minutes over! Gotta work on that one as well. I looked down at my stop watch about half way through and realized that I must have not touched the button hard enough because it never started! Actually I've done this in a race before too and it was very frustrating not knowing "where you stand" according to time.

I also was thrown for a loop a little bit as Professor Yang secretly told Heather to just stand there and not perform any of the exercises. Finally, I noticed that she was not participating and I went over and asked why. She said she could not move her arms. I really did not know what to do in this situation so I just told her to stay put. In hindsight I probably should have tried to find some sort of alternate activity for her using her legs or something.

All in all I am feeling much more comfortable in front of the class and incorporating the different required tasks.

Spring Break is over and now it's time to buckle down for the rest of our semester! Keep on keepin' on!