Monday, May 11, 2009

Powerhouse PC Game on Fighting Cancer

I just downloaded and played a PC game called "Re-Mission", a game meant to help patients learn more about and deal with cancer, and to teach others about what is really going on inside the body when cancer attacks.  

You can read a little more about the game HERE

I'm not really a video games type of guy but I caught myself really getting into this game especially once I learned how to move around efficiently and ration out my ammunition.  In the game your ammunition was chemotherapy and other modes of cancer fighting agents and it walked you through the process of how and why it hurts us humans.  I thought it was very informative and has great graphics and sounds.  It also adds quite a bit of humor to the game which is always nice.

Here are some screen shots that I took while I was playing that I made into a slide show on Picasa!

Below are a few pictures of me captured while I was playing... I was really getting into it!!!


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